Across is the community for raiders who focus on high-end content: Savage, Criterion, Ultimates and more. Our members span from first time raiders to penta-legends, and everything in between. Across’s goal is to provide resources for raiders (gear, consumables, mentorship) and a safe environment for individuals to learn, grow and help one another.

FC Leadership

Oats Kobayashi

Hi my name is Oats! I am the leader of Across. After years of hopping between large FCs with no communities, I started this Free Company in the Shadowbringers expansion with a deceptively simple goal: create a free company with members that you actually want to ask to do hard content with!I’ve had the pleasure of meeting amazing people that have gone from complete beginner to raiding powerhouses. I’ve also been incredibly lucky to have many volunteers over the years that have helped realize my dream FC and make it a reality! Ask me to do anything. I love hanging out with my FC friends, meeting new people, and running all kinds of content.

Aurora Stellamaris

Hiya! My name is Aurora, or Awawa as FC friends call me. I have been playing FFXIV since beta of 2.0! I came to Across almost 3 years ago now, starting out as a very casual player, who didn't even know what materia melding was. Fast forward to now I've cleared savages, ultimates and help teach new baby raiders! Across is not only my Free Company, but its where I met some of my very best friends.
I am a White mage main, but I also have a passion for Blue mage, (I'm sure this will also include Beastmaster), Crafting and gathering, and helping others fall in love with raiding!
If you ever need anything, please never hesitate to ask!

Apache Kafka

Hello there, Apache here! I joined Across as an ex-free trial player hoping to get through Stormblood and Shadowbringers MSQ and get into high end content. 6 months (and 17 jobs leveled to max level) later, I finally mustered the courage to join an FC learning event for my first Extreme: Diamond Weapon. I ended up lagging a lot and had to drop, but I learned over half of the fight that I ended up clearing it in PF. Now I lead those same learning parties! I have made some incredible friends since then, and it's truly one of the reasons I still play this game. Hope to catch y'all in PF some time or another

Pizza Bagels

My name is Pizza Bagels. I joined across longer ago than yesterday. I enjoy playing video games with my friends, especially dark souls 3 with Aurora. In Final Fantasy FourTeen™ I enjoy running Rathalos EX. It is my favorite encounter and I have to step away from the computer to calm myself down when I get it in Mentor Roulette because I get so excited.I am currently working on leveling my very first crafter. I hope one day to be as cool a crafter as Aurora is, because she is my idol and she taught me how cool crafting is.If I had to list my greatest regret, it would be when I used a fantasia to change from Lalafell (the best race) to a catboy. Daily I think about all the pain and suffering I have caused by deciding to no longer be a lala.

Raiding is our passion

From ultimates to extremes and everything in between! Below are the current percentages of our member's clear rates!


Crafting with a purpose

Support the FC by joining our dedicated crafting teamServices Provided:
Free Battlecraft gear each tier
Food/potions weekly for FC raiders
Housing extreme

Week 1 Gear Crafting Stats:
2.5 days to complete ALL gear sets
72 hours of crafting macros
1,757 gear pre-crafts
380 final crafts
10,929 items gathered
360,000,000+ gil worth of items
Week 1 Food & Pots Stats:
161 hours of crafting
3,805 pre-crafts
5,800 final crafts
18,402 items gathered
250,000,000 gil worth of items

FC Perks

Our members work hard to help each other through the raid tier.
These are services we provide in return:
Active Discord
Job Mentorship program
Internal Free Company Party Finder
Free Pots & Food throughout the tier!
Free Battle Gear at the beginning of each raid tier!
Events such as maps, fate grinds, fashion shows, elaborate scavenger hunts, and more!

how to apply

1. Join our FC Discord by clicking the invite button below.
2. Click the channel "xiv-fc-application"
3. Open a ticket and give us a brief description of your XIV history and why you want to join!